We represent a selection of innovative shoe brands
at the forefront of Italian fashion.
With 50 years of experience,
we bring our customers
the best products for modern consumers.
Business to business only.

feelings through shoes
est in Italy 1970

We sell shoes to shops and wholesalers

Established in Italy in 1970

Excellence and dynamism are our most important skills in serving our clients.

Our founder Bruno Maroli created the company in the 1970s.

We started selling shoes in the European and North American markets, and we have now extended both our business and the number of countries with which we trade.

We offer our clients modern and original collections, always new and innovative.

Hence, we take the best care in choosing the design of our samples and in producing collections that respond to the specific requests of our clients.

Worldwide competition in the shoe market has brought factories to produce similar kinds of shoes, rarely with  new ideas. We offer something different, something original: new designs, materials, trademarks and customisable labels.


A long family tradition

A family business with decades of experience. Our founder Bruno Maroli started the company in 1970.
In 50 years, we have been constantly growing our business by representing a great variety of brands and we expanded the territories in which we trade.

Shoes that sell

Our experience in the trade has allowed us to understand the needs of the modern consumer.
Depending on what kind of business you run and what customers you want to reach, we have the right shoes for you, at a competitive price.

We love Innovation

We care about the future and we care about our planet.
That’s why we work with innovative materials and designs, which bring the latest technologies straight from factories into your shops.